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VBS Smart choice (Bolt-on)

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2016 04:24PM WEST
Smart choice is a revolutionary approach that allows business customers to create their own mobile plan, with the desired amount of additional minutes, SMS, data and international destinations in a way that gives ultimate flexibility to both decision makers and end users.

How can I bundle as a hybrid customer ?

*528#(Voice & Data) or *5959#(Data only)

What is the out of bundle charge per MB if a customer does not have a data bolt-on?

The charge is 0.20Gp per MB.
What is the charge per SMS if a customer does not have a SMS bolt-on?

The charge is 0.0045Gp per SMS
Can a customer be provisioned BlackBerry BIS or BES on these packages if required?

Yes, BIS (Ghs10 per month) or BES (Ghs15 per month) bolt-on can be provisioned if a customer wishes to use the BlackBerry services without being able to call. This service would renew monthly.
If a customer has a data bolt-on, will his data consumption use the base monthly plan allowance or the bolt-on allowance?

The 7 days bolt-on allowance takes priority over the base monthly plan allowance. So if a customer has a 100MB of bolt-on and 500MB of base plan, the allowance of the bolt-on will be used first, and when exhausted the base plan allowance will start to be used
Can the data bolt-on cross a billing cycle – e.g. if the customer subscribes on the 22nd of the month?

Yes, the data bolt-on last 7 days and can cross over a billing cycle. This is also valid for the 30days SMS bolt-ons.
Can users subscribe to more data or SMS bolt-ons simultaneously?

Data bolt-on: users need to finish off a data bolt-on before he can subscribe to another one. SMS bolt-ons can be subscribed multiple times concurrently
Can a customer migrate from a higher data allowance to a lower one?

The customer can migrate down only if they have not taken a device bolt-on
When can a customer migrate to a higher data allowance?

A customer cannot migrate up a base bundle during a month but needs to wait for the 24th of the month to be migrated, with a new billing cycle where there will be full charging and full data allowance. Migrations need to be handled by the provisioning team only on this date.
 What happens if at the end of validity of the bundle the prepaid user does not have enough credit to renew the bundle?

If a prepaid user at the end of validity period doesn’t have enough credit to renew the Smart Choice Data bundle chosen, it will be charged the Gp20/MB rate. If within a period of 90 days the credit reaches enough balance, then the Smart Choice Data bundle will be reactivated. After 90 days the customer’s plan is removed.
Can a prepaid user be provisioned to a device bolt-on?

No, devices bolt-ons are only for hybrid and post-paid users.
How can customers remove the Smart Choice Data plan?

Customers can unsubscribe from a base plan or SMS bolt-on via the provisioning team only to enable us to have full control over our customer base activity
Can a customer request a smartphone device with Smart Choice Data?

Yes the same device bolt-ons can be used to request a smartphone instead of a data-only device. With Smartphones though the MRC rule of smart choice data applies.
Can an existing customer on a data-only sim plan subscribe to a bolt-on?

No, the Smart Choice Data and sms bolt-on work only on customers provisioned on Smart Choice Data plans. Smart Choice bolt-on don’t work on Smart Choice Data plans, and Smart Choice Data bolt-on don’t work on Smart Choice plans
Can my customer migrate to Smart Choice if they still have some months left in their contract?

A customer to migrate to Smart Choice needs to terminate their existing contract, or pay off the termination fees, and then take a new Smart Choice contract that will last 12 or 24 months
Do SMS bolt-on renew monthly

Sms bolt-on can be renewed monthly if provisioned and the charge appears on bill. When subscribed it will be charged against primary balance and last 30 days, then it won’t be renewed
Can customers on the online VMB dashboard buy bolt-on?

On http://vodafonemobile.wifi and http://vodafonemobile.vmb is currently not possible to buy bolt-on but only customers on updated Vodafone mobile broadband software.
What are the requirements a customer need to have to be eligible for complementary mobile data clinics?

Customers’ needs to have at least 10 connections with at least 1GB per connection provided by Vodafone – in order to ensure the benefits from using mobile data can be used. This can be used as a reason to upsell customers.
What’s the validity of prepaid plans?

All prepaid plans are valid 30 days besides the 15GB and 20GB plans which are valid 60 days.
If a customer has a device out of warranty which becomes faulty, can they stop paying for the device bolt-on?

No, the device bolt-on needs to be paid for the full 12 or 24 months, unless the customer pays for termination charges.

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