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Vodafone Red Post-paid (Hybrid)

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2015 06:49PM WET
What is the new Post-paid offer?

It is an integrated offer that gives you an allocation to call people on Vodafone network, people on other networks, browse the internet, call people abroad, send SMS and above all gives you a great customer experience.
What are the packages?

It comes in five packages: Ghc 50, Ghc 100, Ghc 200, Ghc 300 and Ghc 400
Who is qualified for this offer?

Anyone who can pay the monthly Tel:+233 030 7070701 /2/3/4/5.why recurring charges. He or she could be a Vodafone customer or a customer from any other network.
How can one join or subscribe?

Customers can subscribe by applying online or at any of our retail shops by completing a form and paying twice the monthly recurring charge as a refundable security deposit. E.g.  A customer who signs on to Ghc 200 package will pay Ghc 400 as a security deposit which is refundable.

New customers will be given a new number and existing customers will keep their existing number e.g. a prepaid customer with a number 020 2009383 will have his post-paid/hybrid line on the same number.
After paying twice of monthly recurring charge as refundable security deposit, do I have to pay my bills at the end of the month?

Yes, because the security deposit is not an advanced payment. It is collateral set aside in the event of non-payment of bills for two months.
What if the customer defaults for one month?

A customer who defaults   for one month has another month to pay his bill. Failure to pay his bill for another month will have his package stopped and his security deposit used to defray his debt.
When is the customer disconnected?

Customers on Red post-paid are advised to pay their bills not later than day 20 of every month. Failure to pay by day 20 consistently for 2 months will have their packages stopped and their security deposit used to defray debt.
What if I pay my bill later than day 20?

Customers who do not pay their bills by the 20th day can do so for one month only. When the action is repeated in the 2nd month, their bundles will be stopped and their security deposit will be used to defray the debt.
Can customers pay in advance?

Advanced payments are allowed and very much encouraged.
Can customers pay in instalments?

Yes, customers can pay in instalments but by the 20th day, customers should have paid in full.
How long does it take for the customer’s line to be active?

It takes 24 hours from the time of payment of refundable security deposit
Does the bundle include roaming?

No, the bundle does not include Roaming. It only consists of Vodafone minutes, other network minutes, Internet allowance, International minutes and SMS.
So what do I do if I want to roam?

Customers who want to roam must top-up with a scratch card to roam, or buy an Xtra package or pay a roaming deposit of Ghc 200
Does the bundle come with a handset?

Yes, customers who buy any of the premium packages (Ghc 200, Ghc 300 and Ghc 400) can pick some selected handsets at 50% discount.
What if I want to buy either Ghc 50 or Ghc 100 package?

Customers who buy Ghc 50 or Ghc 100 will not be entitled to discounts on handsets
What if I want the discount on another type of handset but not what’s on offer?

Customers who buy some selected smart phones on sale will be given a Ghc 200 package for free for one month. When that customer returns to sign onto that bundle permanently or buy any of the premium packages and use for 12 months, he gets Ghc 300 discount on his next phone purchase.
What if I do not come back to buy another handset after 12 months?

Customers have up to 3 months to redeem their Ghc 300 discount through purchase of another handset. Failure to come within 3 months means the customer forfeits the discount.
What if I want the Ghc 300 pay back without buying a handset?

The discount can ONLY be used to purchase a handset
What if my next phone costs Ghc 300 or less?

The Ghc 300 discount is applicable to handset that cost more than Ghc 300
What happens to a customer who buys Galaxy S5 from retail who is entitled to a 15 GB data? Will the customer be given the Ghc 200 for free as well?

No, it is only one of the 2 free offers; either Free 15GB or Silver Bundle
Do I then get the free package if I walk into the retail shop to buy a phone rather than a package?

Yes, if you walk into any retail shop to buy a Galaxy S5, you will be given a free Ghc 200 package for one month after which a customer may proceed to sign onto any of the packages on offer.

The good news is that if the customer signs onto Ghc 200, Ghc 300 or Ghc 400 and stays on the package for 12 months he qualifies to buy another handset at Ghc 300 discount.
Will the customer be entitled to the Ghc 300 discount if he signs for Ghc 50 or Ghc 100?

No, discount applies to only those who sign for the premium packages which are (Ghc 200, Ghc 300 and Ghc 400)
Can a subscriber enjoy other prepaid offers from Vodafone?

No, this is a post-paid offer.
Is the package applicable to mobile broadband (USB modem customers)?

No, it is applicable to only mobile phone users.
How do I know how much I am supposed to pay at the end of the month?

Since it is a bundle offer, your monthly bill will always be equal to the bundle you subscribed to unless you requested for an Xtra package to be added to your base plan. In that case, you pay your package price plus cost of an Xtra package.

Again, you will receive an SMS notification every month about your bill and due date. An email will also be sent to you to indicate your billing detail
Where can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill at any of our retail shops, mobile retail shop (tuk-tuk) or our partner banks.  You can also pay online if you have an e-transact card.
Do you have a deadline date for bill payment?

All bills are supposed to be paid no later than the 20th day of every month.
If I get disconnected and I want to reconnect, what do I do?

Customers who get disconnected for non-payment of bills will have to pay their bills in full and get reconnected.
What date do I get my package?

Packages are released on the 25th day of every month.

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