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Last Updated: Jan 13, 2015 08:27PM WET
Vodafone InfoShop is an SMS based content service by the network to give subscribers access to various forms of headline information as well as entertainment through simple SMS command.
VF Information Shop gives you access to the following:
Financial Information; Inflation, GDP, GSE, Funds, Interest Rates, etc.
Religious Information; Daily Bread and Holy Quran quotes.
Flight Information; Arrival and Departure times for major airlines. E.g British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, etc.
News; Local, BBC, and CNN news.
Sports News; Local, BBC and CNN sports.

On demand: (0.0400 Gp charge)

Send an SMS request for any of the services whenever you want it.
Example, if you want to receive ‘daily bread’ (Bible quotation of the day), send ‘’Daily Bread’’ to 2000

By subscription: (0.0500 Gp charge)

You send an SMS command once and you will receive the requested service everyday for as long as you have credit and do not stop it.
Example, if you want to subscribe to Daily Bread, send “Start Daily Bread” to 2000.

To unsubscribe from any of the subscription services, send Stop (name of service) and send to 2000.

Example, to unsubscribe Daily Bread, send: “Stop Daily Bread’’ to 2000 


The User subscribes to a particular service by sending an SMS with the key word of the infotainment service to a short code 2510 along with a command.

For example, to subscribe to Dating Tip for male of the day, the user sends an SMS with keyword MTIP to short code 2510.

No charging happens on the first day of the subscription. The user is charged a fee of 10Gp/message/day for the subscription from the following day.
The subscription is renewed automatically daily after charging the fee again.

A Voice SMS is sent to the subscriber to deliver the dating tip for male everyday, and the body of the SMS contains information on how to listen to the service content.

Example: “You have received dating tip of the day, please dial *0* to listen.

If user does not have enough credit on a particular day, the dating tip will not be served. However, the user will not be automatically unsubscribed to the service.

The user has an option to unsubscribe and cancel the service by sending an SMS to 2510 with the unsubscription command, X followed by the service name.

Keywords for various services

Bible message of the day – BIBLE
Inspirational message of the day – INSP
Dating tip of the day (Male) – MTIP
Dating tip of the day (Female) – FTIP
Amazing facts – FACTS
Health Tips – HEALTH
Riddles – RIDDLE

English Vocabulary Builder – ENGLISH
Song of the Day- SONG

Bible message of the day in Twi-TBIBLE

Audio Film Clips – FILM

Daily messages from Chief of Imam -QURAN

Sports Archive -SPORTS

Short Code and Tariff Assigned for Voice Content

Subscription Services

Short Code – 2510

Tariff – 10p per message

If the user wants to unsubscribe to the service, the user will send an SMS to short code 2510 with command XMTIP.


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