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Cable theft

Do you know Cable theft usually occurs during weekends, public holidays and festive seasons?  E.g Easter, Christmas, Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr, etc and is high in locations such as schools, construction sites (building & road), etc as well as quiet places.
However, some thieves are bold enough to operate in broad daylight at noisy places such as market centres, along major streets, etc.


  • 25% of our Fixed Broadband faults are as a result of cable theft
  • Revenue loss
  • Impacts customer experience as a major restoration could last an average of 14 day
  • Can be a threat to National Security

What you can do to help

A reward scheme is in place for persons who give information leading to an arrest and prosecution of a theft. All suspicious activity or theft  can be reported to the Police on their emergency line 18555, or to the Vodafone Security Control room on 155.