1. What is the Double Ntosuo Promotion?
The Vodafone Double Ntosuo Promo is a promotion that gives you double the standard allocation when you buy our Red1, Red2 and Red5 bundles.

2. What benefits do I get and at what price?
The table below shows what you get when you buy Red 1, Red 2 & Red 5 as part of the Double Ntosuo Promotion.

Red 1*200#1.08Unlimited Calls to Vodafone numbers, 10 mins to call all local network, Data: 40MB 1 Day
Red 2*200#2.15400 mins to call Vodafone numbers, 30 mins to call all local networks & 100MB Data 3 Days
Red 3*200#5.40250mins (125mins to call Vodafone Numbers, 125 mins to call other networks), 250MB Data and 10 SMS 7 Days

3. How do I enjoy the promotion?
You can enjoy the promotion by simply buying any of the following bundles during the promotional period; Red1, Red2 and Red5.

4. How do I buy the bundles on the promotion?
You can buy Red1, Red2 and Red5 via USSD on *200# and via IVR on 200. Also, dial 7272, 5544, 5353 to purchase Red 1, Red 2 and Red 5 respectively.

5. When is the promotion starting and ending?
This Promotion starts on 8th August, 2019 at 00:00:00 GMT. This promo will run till an end date is duly communicated.

6. Will I be charged extra when I buy the bundles on the promotion?
No. You will be charged the standard price for the bundles on the promotion.

7. Who is eligible for this promotion?
This promo is open to all consumer mobile prepaid subscribers registered on the Vodafone network.

8. How do I get more information on the promotion?
To get more information on the Double Ntosuo Promo, send your queries via SMS to 655.