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Terms of Use- FBB Mini Bundles

1.Mini bundles are secondary bundles that allows a customer to remain active and browse after exhausting their monthly bundles before the thirty (30) day validity period.
2. A customer is eligible to subscribe for a Mini bundle if they are on any of the following FBB plans.
a. Browser
b. Streamer
c. Webmaster
d. Downloader
e. Office
3. Active or Locked customers will be eligible to subscribe for the Mini bundles.
4. A locked customer MUST have been subsequently active on a core bundle before going into the locked state.
5. A customer has a choice to pick from any of our three (3) types of mini bundles anytime. They are:
a. Mini Basic: Designed for customers who regularly surf the internet, check their emails or chat with
friends on social media. This offers you 5GB worth of data for only GHS25.
b. Mini Pro:  package is suitable for customers who enjoy streaming videos on YouTube, etc. This offers
you 15GB worth of data for only GHS40.
c. Mini Plus: This package is designed for those who want to do more than browsing. For downloading
movies, music, etc. This offers you 70GB worth of data for only GHS65.

6. Mini bundles only have a validity period of 5days after which customer may decide to purchase another mini bundle or monthly bundle.
7. Customer can purchase any of the mini bundles consecutively for as many as five (5) times ONLY.
8. After the 5th purchase, customer would have to purchase a monthly bundle which has a validity of thirty (30) days or may decide to upgrade his/her plan.
9. After exhausting a Mini bundle, customer would be able to browse on a Pay-as-you-go(PAYG) rate of GHS5 per 1GB, so far as there exist enough money in the balance to do so.
10. A customer can subscribe for a Mini bundle via the following channels:
a. By dialing the USSD short code *900#
b. Via the FBB Self-care portal (myvodafone.vodafone.com.gh)
c. Via any of our retail shops.
d. By subscribing via a Pop-up notification
11. A customer would receive notifications when he/she
a. Successful/unsuccessful subscription for a Mini bundle.
b. Reaches a certain threshold of the bundle usages i.e. 95% and 100% exhaustion.

12. Notifications would be sent to customers via SMS, e-mail and web browser screen popup informing them about the Mini bundles.

Terms of Use- FBB PAYG

1. FBB Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) allows customers to remain active and browse at an out of bundle rate when they exhaust their core or primary bundles.
2. PAYG or Browsing out of bundle is available to both active or locked customers who are on the following plans:
•Browser Basic
•Evening and Weekend
3.Customer will be charged GHs5 per 1GB when out of bundle and it is applicable to the offerings listed above.
4.This would be the standard tariff charge for all customers that are not on any bundle.
5.The charge is deducted from the customers main account.
6. A customer can only browse out of bundle when they satisfy the following conditions
7.The monthly data bundle has been exhausted
8. Customer does not have a Mini Bundle or it has been exhausted
9. Current balance is insufficient to bundle a monthly bundle
10. Customers are automatically charged pay as you go rate when they continue browsing after exhausting their monthly bundle or Mini bundle and the balance is insufficient to renew the monthly bundle.