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Have you ever wished you could transfer your fixed broadband data onto your mobile device? Wished you could travel anywhere in Ghana with your fixed broadband? The hustle is now OVER! Vodafone Fixed Broadband now gives you the choice to LINK & MOVE with your fixed data even miles away from home. YES! You have the power to move your fixed data, anytime everywhere. Just link your Fixed Broadband account with a Vodafone mobile number, move data to mobile and continue to enjoy your data away from home.

Step 1: Generate Code to link broadband & Mobile number
Step 2: Link broadband & Vodafone mobile number with the security code generated
Step 3: Move data to Mobile


  • This offer is available to customers on Browser, Streamer, Webmaster, Downloader and Office plans only.
  • Customer is allowed to pair only ONE Vodafone mobile number to their broadband account at a time.
  • Only Active monthly bundles can be transferred to the linked Vodafone mobile number. Hence, bonus and roll over bundles cannot be transferred/ moved to the linked number.
  • Customer can move Data to linked mobile number and at the same time, move from the mobile number to the fixed broadband account.
  • Customer may decide to change the linked Vodafone mobile number. This can be done 30days after pairing the existing mobile number.
  • Customers will receive a 5digit security code on the existing broadband contact number via SMS, during the linking process. The  security code should be used to complete the process.
  • Browsing charges on the mobile device will be the same as browsing from the fixed broadband.
  • Customers will receive the normal threshold SMS notification at specific data usage of their bundles. Once the bundle is exhausted, customers will not be able to browse on both mobile or fixed broadband.
  • SMS notification will be sent to customers for successful /un-subscription operations. Customer’s number would be detached from the FBB account once unsuccessful.

Q1. How can I subscribe?
Ans: You can link & move data from your broadband to your Vodafone Mobile number  via

Q2. How much data can I move unto my mobile number?
Ans: You can move a maximum of 20GB of data from your broadband account to your Vodafone mobile number. However, you can only move data from your current monthly bundle
Q3. Do I need to be close to my router to do this process?
Ans: No! You can stand anywhere to go through this process.  All you need is a Vodafone mobile number and your broadband account contact.
Q4. What are the charges for browsing on you Mobile device?
Ans: Browsing on your mobile device/number will be the same as browsing on you fixed broadband.
Q5. How can I view my data usage on the mobile device?
Ans: Dial * 900# select 1, 3, 6# or visit self-care portal or myvodafone App to view you pairing/data information
Q6. Can I change the linked mobile number?
Ans: Yes! Dial *900# select 1,3, 5 & follow the prompts or visit self-care portal or myvodafone App to change the linked number, but only after 30days