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Steps to configure static IP for HG 50C, HG 530, SmartAX 882

Launch internet browser
Log in to the modem interface by Typing “” into the address bar and press enter
Click on LAN setting
Under LAN interface enter static IP/default gateway given
Under Subnet mask:  enter (/29)
Click on submit to save
Click on DHCP
Edit Size of IP pool: 5(for/29) and 1(for/30)
Enter primary DNS:
Enter secondary DNS:

Click on submit to save.
Click on advance and select firewall
Click on disable to disable firewall
Click on submit to save.
Click on WAN settings
Click to disable NAT under IP address
Click on submit to save


Steps to configure HG 532e – self install modem

Connect the Ethernet cable directly from the modem to computer
Type in the address bar of the browser and press the enter key
Type in Username: admin Password: to know password turn behind modem to confirm password
Click next
Enter PPP username and PPP password from receipt
Enter preferred wireless credentials, ie SSID name and wireless key
Click next to complete setup.

Configuring HG 520C, HG 530, SmartAX 882

First reset the modem.(Turn behind modem for reset button)
Connect the Ethernet cable directly from the modem to your computer.
Type in the address bar of the browser and press enter.
Enter the default modem credentials. Username: admin, Password: admin and click ok
Click on basic
Click on WAN settings
Enter the following parameters: PVC : 0; VPI : 1; VCI : 32; Mode: Routing
Click on Submit to save

WIRELESS (HG 520C, HG 530)

Click on Basic

Click on wireless LAN

Enter preferred wireless name under SSID

Authentication Type: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

Enter preferred wireless password under pre-shared key.(password should be alpha numeric)

Click on Submit to save.

How to configure a modem (Not supplied by Vodafone)
do I configure my modem to work on Vodafone?

If you have Vodafone broadband but want to use your own modem (i.e. a third party model not supplied by Vodafone such as Belkin, Linksys, Netgear etc.) then you will need to configure the hardware settings manually.
Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance on how to access the configuration settings on the router; then use the following values to configure the modem for Vodafone Broadband:
 User Name:
(a.k.a. Network ID, PPP Username, Login or Login Username)
Encapsulation: PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet)
Mode: Routing
Multiplexing: LLC-based
VPI: 1
VCI: 32
MTU: use default setting
DNS: auto assigned
If there is a need to be specific, use the following
Preferred DNS:

Alternate DNS:

NB: The Username and Password for configuring the modem details we have in our systems and you can contact us to confirm these details.

Safety precautions for ADSL modems
Precautions to prevent the modem from damage and ensure it is always in good condition:
Do not step on, pull or stretch any cable. Otherwise the cable may get damaged leading to malfunction of the device
Do no place any object on top of the device, and ensure objects like metal shavings do not enter through the heat dissipation vent.