MeBanb? is an affordable life insurance cover for all Ghanaians with packages as low as Ghc1.00 per month per person.

  •  MeBanb? guarantees a promised amount or benefit (sum assured) to a stated beneficiary in the event of death (funeral cover).
  • One can register on MeBanb? individually as a policy holder on mobile phone or; on MeBanb? Family Cover as a dependant.


Package Benefits Premiums
Lite Ghc 1 000 Ghc 1.00
Basic Ghc 5 000 Ghc 5.00
Standard Ghc 15 000 Ghc 15.00
Premium Ghc 30 000 Ghc 30.00


  1. Must be between Ages 18-75 years
  2. Ghanaian Nationality
  3. Vodafone GSM registered number;
  4. Registered Vodafone Cash Subscriber


Registration is limited to customers in the Diaspora who want to be repatriated to Ghana.Claims will only be payable to a beneficiary on repatriation, being upon arrival of the body of the deceased in Ghana.


Cover is effective as of the Policy Commencement date:

  • If a Customer registers between the 1st day of the month and the 10th day of the month (inclusive), the Policy Commencement Date shall be a date in that same month on which the first Premium is successfully deducted from Customer’s Vodafone Cash Wallet.
  • If the Customer registers between the 11th day of the month and the end of that month, the Policy Commencement Date will be the 1st day of the following month.
  • The first Premium shall be automatically deducted from Customer’s Vodafone Cash Wallet upon registration and is renewable by monthly debit from the Insured’s Vodafone Cash Wallet


A Dependant is a person whom the Insured has a legal duty to support.

These are limited to the following:

  • Spouses (maximum of 2 per policy), Biological or legally adopted children up to the age of 21, Biological grandchildren, Biological parents, Biological grandparents; and Parents-in-law
  • A Customer can add as many Dependants as he or she wants on their Policy and dependants MUST be on the same package as the Policy Holder
  • Premium is paid per head and is the same irrespective of the Dependents age i.e. if a Policy holder is on the MeBanb? Lite (Ghc1.00) package and they add their spouse, an additional Ghc1.00 will be deducted for the spouse added and the premium payable become Ghc2.00.
  • Only person below the age of 75 years can be added as Dependants



  • If Death is by accident the new cover level will take effect immediately and any accidental cause claim will be payable as per the new cover level. However, the Customer MUST have sufficient funds in their Vodafone Cash wallet to cover the upgrade premium + transaction charges.

Policy Upgrade (Basic (Ghc5.00) and Standard (Ghc15.00) packages):

  • If the Insured elects to increase his/her Cover, to any package other than the Premium Package, the benefits will be paid as follows:
  • If death is by Natural Causes the previous cover level will be in force for six months after which the new cover level will take effect;

Policy Downgrade:

If an Insured elect to decrease his/ her Cover, the new cover level takes effect immediately regardless of whether death is by accident or natural cause.


Claims can be submitted at all Vodafone Service Centers or Hollard Insurance outlets. They must be submitted as soon as possible from the insured person’s death to ensure processing within reasonable time.

The following documents are required to process the claim:

  • Certified copies of the Death Certificate
  • Mortuary Certificate and/or Receipts;
  • Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death (if the deceased died in hospital);
  • Police Report (in the case of unnatural causes of death);
  • Deceased’s proof of identity;
  • Beneficiary’s proof of identity;
  • Proof of Relationship
  • Where a death certificate or medical certificate of cause of death has not been submitted with the initial claim, it MUST be submitted to us within 30 (thirty) days from date of filing the claim to enable us pay the claim  .

Upon receipt of the claim, the Insurer will review the authenticity of the documents received and status of the Insured. This process will amongst other verification processes include communication with the beneficiary before a claim is approved or rejected.

The claim pay-out will be within 72 (seventy-two) hours after submission of all documents.

Where a death certificate has not been submitted with the initial Claim, it MUST be submitted to the Insurer within 180 days from date of death.


Exclusions are instances where the Insurer will not be obliged to pay out a claim.

NCE stand for NCE stands for Natural Causes Exclusions.

  • Claims will not be paid out if due to natural causes occurring within specified months of the Commencement Date of the Policy.

The Insurer will not be obliged to pay out a claim where an Insured dies as a result of the following excluded activities:

  • Suicide, attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury.
  • War, insurrection or civil commotion.
  • Epidemics as defined and declared by the World Health Organization standards.
  • A claim for a person who does not qualify for cover under this agreement.
  • A fraudulent or dishonest claim.

The insurer will also not be liable to pay an accidental disability benefit if any claim arises directly or indirectly from or is traceable to:

  • wilful exposure to danger (except in an attempt to save human life), intentional self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempt thereat;
  • any accident which resulted in the disability of the insured person where the accident occurred prior to the benefit start date;
  • an insured person engaging in:

– combat duties, military exercises or any active service within any military, naval, air, police or correctional services body; or

– the active duties of the provision of security or protection services to/for any organisation/individual; or

– a Terrorists Activity; or

– labour disturbances, riot, strike or lock-out; or

– hazardous or professional sports / activities more than once a month or on an income earning basis;

  • the use of nuclear, biological, chemical or explosive weapons or any radioactive contamination;
  • an insured person driving any type of vehicle when the insured person had a blood alcohol content that exceeded the legal limit allowed for driving by the laws of the country where the accident occurred;
  • the use of drugs by an insured person, unless it is proved that the drug was used in accordance with proper medical prescription and not for the treatment of a drug addiction;
  • an insured person refusing medical treatment recommended by a medical practitioner;
  • the unreasonable or wilful neglect or failure of an insured person to seek and remain under the care of a physician;
  • Miscarriage, abortion or complications arising from these.