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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is happening on 01 November?
Vodafone has reviewed the prices for its Fixed Broadband packages and this will take effect from 01 November. This is on the back of several improvements made since the beginning of the year to make sure that its cherished customers can enjoy more high speed at great value.
2. What kind of improvements has Vodafone made?
We have taken steps to reduce downtime of our network centres and make our services more available to customers, even when there is no power. To ensure service availability when there is no reliable power we have connected many of our network centres to gen-sets and have replaced most of the batteries used as a back-up.

3. What happens to the Mobile data back-up?
The award winning mobile data back-up  will still be part of the FBB plans, and customers will enjoy up to 20 GB worth of mobile data.

4. When I pay for my Fixed Broadband on 01 November, what will happen to my account?

Any customer who pays from 01 November can only enjoy their preferred Fixed Broadband package at the new unit rates
5. What if I have some advance payments in my account and the price change takes place?
You advance payment will be deducted based on the your existing package at the new prices.
6. What happens to my account if  I have an active bundle which will expire after the price increase?
Customers who have paid service expiring in November, will continue to enjoy the full 30 day validity after the price change.
7. If I have a suspended account and reactivate after the price changes, what happens to my account? Will I need to pay some money?
Customers  who have suspended accounts prior to the price changes will still enjoy the remainder of their 30 day subscription period when they un-suspend the accounts. Customers will not pay any additional money or top-up for that period
8. What happens to my account if I have paid in advance for my Fixed broadband service.
Customers  will enjoy a full 30-day validity on current bundle. There is no impact on customers with an active plan, the new prices will apply to them when they  renew their bundle. If customer’s balance in advance bucket can’t re-bundle the account based on the new tariffs, customer would have to top-up with the difference to activate the account
9. What if I have a promotion like pay 5 months and enjoy 1 month free, and pay 10 months and get 2 months free?
Customers will continue to enjoy these offers as earlier communicated.
10. I have paid for FBB  but my account is pending, what will happen to my account when am active?
Customers in pending state but  paid before the price change and become active after the price change enjoy the service for the full 30 day validity.

11.   Will I still get my data rolled over  and which will be used first roll over data or Main data?
Customers will still have their data rolled over even after the price change. Main data must be exhausted before roll over can be used.
12.  Where can I get more information about these changes?
Visit to access every information about the your fixed broadband account and services, including the updated T&C’s.