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Red Loyalty Offer –  Eekoso Promo

Vodafone appreciates you for choosing us and for your continuous usage. To reward your loyalty, every recharge done via Scratch card, Vodafone Cash (VF cash), credit transfer or 3rd party platform and bundle purchase earn you Red coins.

These Red coins can be redeemed for amazing rewards from Vodafone and our strategic partners. Simply stay active, top up and purchase bundles and build more Red coins.


Terms and conditions

  • There are 2 channels through which you can check and redeem Red coins.
    • USSD (*533#)
    • My Vodafone App
  • This offer is available to all mobile prepaid subscribers  both Consumer & Enterprise .
  • Red coins are earned via all top up channels i.e. Scratch card, Vodafone cash, Credit transfer and third party platforms (eg, Banking apps, Express pay).
  • Every 10p of recharge accrues 1 coin.
  • P2P transfer does not count as recharge and hence cannot accrue Red coins.
  • SOS recharge does not accrue Red coins.
  • In an event a customer tops up to pay off SOS owed, Red coins will be earned  per  the reminder of the airtime left after the deduction. Eg. Customer owes GHs2 SOS and top up GHs5, Red coins will be earned on the remaining GHs3 airtime left.


Red coins build up


Recharge Paper Electronic
GHC 1 10 10
GHC 2 20 20
GHC 5 50 50
GHC 10 100 100
GHC 20 200 200
GHC 50 500 500

Red coins build up model – Usage

  • Every usage of the customer will accrue Red coins
  • Bundle purchase via vodafone cash accrues 1coin for every 10p
  • Where a customer purchases a bundle for another customer, both parties will  not accrue coins for that purchase.


Usage Red coins
GHC 1 10
GHC 2 20
GHC 5 50
GHC 10 100
GHC 20 200
GHC 50 500




Red coins Accumulation:

  • All Red coins accumulated from 1st October to 23rd November 2021 will be in the Red loyalty bucket. These Red coins can be redeemed after the Eekoso promo (28th February 2022)
  • Red coins accumulated from 24th November 2021 throughout the promo period will be in the Eekoso bucket.
  • Accumulated Red coins in the Eekoso bucket can be redeemed for any reward as per the prize grid during the promo period.
  • Red coins accumulated in the Eekoso bucket are valid for the promo only. Unredeemed accumulated red coins after the promo will be forfeited.
  • Accumulated Red coins in the Red loyalty bucket are valid for a year. g. Accumulated Red coins from October 2021  will expire  end of October 2022  if they have not been used up.
  • Red coins redemption are deducted on a First in, first out basis.
  • There is no cap on the number of accumulated Red coins. Red coins are accumulated as many times as possible from the recharges and usages over a period.
  • In the case of airtime purchase for someone via Vodafone cash, the B party will be credited with the Red coins per the transaction.
  • All accrued Red coins will be lost in an event the customer account has been inactive for 90days. I.e. Customer does not make a call, receive a call, use data or SMS.


Reward Redemption:

  • A customer can redeem any item as specified in the menu.
  • Once a selected item is redeemed, an equivalent accumulated Red coins per the designated allocation of the prize item will be deducted.
  • A customer can redeem countless number of talk time and data from the reward table provided there is the right number of Red coins to redeem the prize. Cash rewards however, can be redeemed only once a day. I.e. a customer can redeem any cash amount once a day provided there is sufficient Red coins to redeem.
  • Each customer can redeem a maximum of Ghs200 per month within the promo period.
  • Customers can opt to redeem only a portion or all of their Red coins.
  • All airtime and data redeemed is valid for 7 days.
  • Cash rewards can be withdrawn. Withdrawal charges will apply accordingly
  • A customer must be registered on Vodafone cash to qualify to redeem cash reward.


Red coins redemption grid:

Redemptions Grid
Red coins Accumulated Crossnet Mins as Reward MB as Reward
400 8 100
1000 18 250
1400 25 330
2000 35 450
3000 53 700
4000 70 950

Cash reward

Red Coins VFCash (GHs)
500 2
1200 5
2000 10
4000 20
10,500 50
20,000 100


Acceptance of the Terms of Use

  • The following provisions define the terms and conditions governing this offer. By subscribing to the usage of this offer, the Subscriber shall be deemed to have consented and agreed to these Terms and Conditions and be bound accordingly.
  • All Subscribers warrant that they have read carefully and have understood fully these Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions are in addition to the standard terms and conditions of Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited (Vodafone Ghana), which can be found on our website (