Q1. What is Vodafone cash Self-PIN Reset?

Ans. Vodafone cash Self-Pin Reset is used to reset forgotten or compromised PIN.

Q2. How do I go about it?

Ans. Go to my Account, Select Reset PIN and Set a security question and answer. With your security answer correctly entered, during a PIN reset you will receive a temporary PIN which you much change to your preferred

Q3. Can I reset when I have not set a question?

Ans. No.

Q4. If my PIN is already blocked or forgotten can I reset myself?

Ans. No. You need to call 100 for a reset then when active you set a question to allow you reset yourself when your pin is blocked, forgotten or compromised.

Q5. What if I forgot the question I set?

Ans. call 100 for a system reset

Q6. Can I reset for someone?

Ans. No.

Q7. How many times can I reset my PIN?

Ans. As many times as you see necessary.

Q8. Would I lose my money or be charged on the wallet when I reset?

Ans. No.

Q9. How do I know I have reset successfully?

Ans. A confirmation SMS would be sent to you

Q10. Can someone reset my PIN when I lose my Phone?

Ans. No. unless you have compromised your security answer. Customers are advised not to share their PIN or their security answer.

Q11. How secured is this reset?

Ans. Security questions would be presented to you to select one and answer which would be known to you alone. You are advice to keep it safe from everyone. Not even Vodafone can tell.