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Why should I choose Vodafone One Family Plan?

  1. One payment for all your total communication needs (internet, landline and mobile) as a family or office.
  2. Flexibility to pair and share data to up to 4 mobile devices depending on the package you pick.
  3. The family is always connected at home & wherever you go.

Can I upgrade my plan from my existing bundle to a One Family Plan?

Yes. One can subscribe using the below channels.

  1. Online: visit https://myvodafone.vodafone.com.gh/ (customers without accounts must register with a valid email address.)
  2. Dial *900# on any Vodafone mobile number, select 4, Vodafone One Family, select 1 then follow through to request plan change.
  3. Alternatively, customer can visit the retail shop for assistance.

What is the validity of the bundle?

Irrespective of your selected package, you have 30days validity period to renew your monthly allocations on all devices.

How can I pay for my monthly One Family bundle?

You can make payments via all our existing payment channels:

  1. Vodafone Cash using *110#
  2. Online at https://vodafone.com.gh/personal/u/fixed-services/
  3. On Mobile using *900# with a Vodafone scratch card
  4. At any Vodafone Retail shop or partner bank or payment outlets

Can I use my existing mobile number(s) for this service?

Yes, you will be able to link your existing Vodafone mobile number(s) to your selected plan. Customer can either purchase or request for a Vodafone mobile SIM for registration.

How do I check my usage and other details of my service?

You https://vodafone.com.gh/personal/u/fixed-services/

Can my allocations on the fixed broadband, landline or mobile roll over?

Only Fixed broadband allocations will rollover when service is renewed before expiry date. Other allocations on landline and mobile will NOT roll over. Customer would receive fresh allocations when bundle/package is renewed.

Can I purchase additional bundles?

Yes. Customer can purchase supplementary/ add on bundles such as Mini bundles, Unlimited Weekend Bundle, Showtime Bundle and SOS.

Can I suspend my service for a short while?

Yes. Just as in our standard plans, customer can suspend his account at will within a period.

Can I make IDD calls on Vodafone One Family Plan?

Yes, you can make IDD calls to UK, Canada & US on your landline. However, customer would not be able to make IDD calls on the mobile.

How much does it cost to get on Vodafone One?

  1. New customers will pay an Installation fee of GHS150 plus the price of the preferred package.
  2. Existing customers would only pay for the selected One family plan price.